It is our mandate to preach the gospel and make disciples from all nations (Mat. 28:19). This is the ultimate task our lord Jesus Christ obligated us to discharge. 

Though, the task is mandatory to every believer but predominantly, the necessity is laid upon every minister of God to make disciples, regardless of the ministerial specialization, (i.e., whether a/an Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist, Prophet, & Teacher), irrespective of the ministerial calling,  the discharge of the task should be in an accordance with scriptural goal.

Consequently, reaching out to the people, and to carry out the task that Christ commanded us to do is an act of evangelism. And thus, there are several ways to do this, either by:

  • One on one evangelism or;
  • Crusade and outreach preaching.

Afore- stated methods are practically exercised in the scripture and perhaps, recommended for usage. But on a contrary, the effectiveness of those methods have become impotent and less effective in their functionality in changing lives compared to the tool for evangelism in this 21st century. Bible says “And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do”. One secret of dominion is to know the movement of God in a certain season or dispensation. In relation to evangelism, we have to understand that one on one evangelism and crusade are very still trendy, but less effective in this 21st century.


Technology has become a global means of reaching one another in a very fast and accessible way. At a point, it has make dissemination of information easier and triggers instance feedback. Every minister must understand the instrumental of technology in evangelism. The usage of technology has become widespread and statistically above average of people receives and sends information across the world through technology devices. With this assertion, no one can imagine the constructive part of technology in evangelism.

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The numerical expansion of gospel would continue to be decreasing if we continue to limit technology to demonic activities.  

Though, it is undeniable that using of technology can be destructive and constructive as the case maybe, but however, be mindful that it isn’t a demonic activities but devil uses it as an avenue to mislead people in order to compromise the spiritual belief. As the result, he (devil) continues to exploit it for the expansion of his kingdom.

However, to put stop to this, church leader and minsters of God must be empower and enlightened on how to use Information Technology (I.T) for effectiveness and expansion of gospel and basically to foster the understand of the essential of internet in dissemination of ministerial and scriptural information on any of the social media platform.  

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